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Armchair Psychologist Podcast:

A solicited, opinionated, and gentle advice podcast from an amateur answering your questions about life, work & love… with the help of select guests.

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Explore the human psyche and the human condition to help our listeners better navigate their inner lives and everyday challenges. You don’t have to figure things out alone, we are your nosy, compassionate ride or die friend here to help you get insight.

Ubah Bulale, Founder & Host

Meet the host

Ubah Bulale,
a therapist, CEO and ex-tech recruiter

Ubah is a business professional with a long career working with enterprise startups and F500 companies and providing human capital. She has a passion for all things psychology and is a licensed associate marriage and family therapist (AMFT). Ubah also serves as co-founder of Inducto, a coffee tech company, and as a Board Member of Seaworthy Collective, a blue tech organization. Ubah loves people and is inquisitive.

Meet the team

  • Ubah Bulale
    Founder & Host

  • Mike Brenner
    Executive Producer

  • Paul Schneider
    Creative Director, Designer

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